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Life is awesome! lol jokes

Ive basically lost my bestfriend and my other friends. The only thing Ive done wrong is put priority in uni which takes up a lot of my time. I havent been able to go out and see them that much. And because of this, I get to be bitched about by my so called ‘friends’.

Oh, im sorry my uni has taken priority and im thinking of the future. If you’s reeally wanted to be my friends, you’s would have been supportive and stuck by me through the tough time. Not all sit around and bitch about me.

Liking someone when you dont want to like them. What a fun situation.

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can I not like you for a while?

I lasted a whole two days without crying. Its stupid but that is an achievement for me at the moment.

Ready to lose it. Its not rright that a teacher has led her student to become so stressed that she has to go to the doctors to get something so she can calm down and stop stressing. All because the teacher cannot manage her time and piles a shit load of work on her students at the end of the year.

Perfect way to describe the way I am feeling right now!

Perfect way to describe the way I am feeling right now!

I dont think I have ever been so disgusted in a person before as much as I am with you! you were suppose to be one of her bestfriends, support her and love her like a sister. You doing that is not supporting her and if she was your best friend you would have helped her and stopped everything.